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 Alguliyev , R.M. Conceptual Architecture of National Information Space Security System of Azerbaijan / R.M. Alguliyev , Y.N. Imamverdiyev , E.R. Aliev // IV International Conference “Problems of Cybernetics and Informatics. Vol. 1. - Baku, 2012. - P. 7-10.
 The provision of security in the national electronic information space (national e-space) is a complicated and complex problem. It requires an application of a unified state policy, the balance of the interests, formation of hierarchical registry of information resources, specification and distribution of executors’ authority working for information security, the unification of security procedures, structured approach, “divide et impera” and other vital principles. The architecture of the security system (SS) of nature e-space shall be determined for the development of complex action program, and security objects (what?), security procedures (how?), the subjects ensuring the execution of these procedures (who?) shall be identified. The study offers the constituent classification of 3 stability sides ("What, How, Who") of SS architectural components, and3D matrix form (4D matrix – by adding time and cause and result dependencies - “when?”) which is the synthesis of tables indicating mutual relations between them – “objects &procedures”, “objects & subjects”, “subjects & procedures”
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