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 Jabrayilova , Z.G. Using Fuzzy Decision Support Systems in Human Resource Management / Z.G. Jabrayilova , S.M. Nobari // 2012 International Conference on Innovation and Information Management. - Chengdu, 2012. - P. 217-220.
 Today, the importance and unique roles of human resources have more importance and position than past , so in advanced organizational thought , human is mentioned the main source and property or a main interpretation source of any organization. The human resources are the Key of organizational success or failure. One of the fundamental concerns of human resource managers is hiring employees. Lack of the right choice in selecting people, will damage to the organization a lots. In the past, Organizations tested people based on employment tests to hire a special emphasis such as character test, intelligence test, skills test, etc. But the major problem of this test was the definitive vision on hiring. As you know many of the traits are qualitative, not measured traits for the selection and hiring .According to this, using fuzzy logic approach in human resources management has found a special place. And in today"s competitive environment, decisions using of applying information technology are the irrefutable principles of organizations and help to managers in making decisions meaningfully.
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