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 Алгулиев , Р.М. Коллективное знание в Интернете / Р.М. Алгулиев , И.Я. Алекперова , Р.Т. Касумова // Шестая международная конференция "Интернет - Образование - Наука -2008". Том1. - Винница, 2008 . - C. 5-7.
 Wikipedia it is possible to name technology of XXI century. Project Wikipedia has been created on January, 15, 2001 on Wiki-technology in the USA/ the Wiki-technology allows supporting Internet -sites, on which it is possible to edit and supplement the information, is distributed in an on-line mode. Participant Wiki at any moment can change any page of a site, and changes at once become visible to all other participants or are simple to visitors. Founders of Wikipedia - the scientist - philosoper from University of state Ohio Larry Sanger and businessman Jimmy Wales. Wikipedia in due course becomes global base of knowledge. For short time Wikipedia has turned to the biggest joint project of the modernity. Wikipedia has forced to speak about itself scientists, journalists and usual Internet - users. To articles in Wikipedia refer, as on one of the most authentic sources of the information. The Wikipedia awards and practically unanimously recognize as one of the most phenomenal projects of the begining of XXI century. Materials Wikipedia are free for use, thus anyone can change them. The text is accessible under license GFDL (GNU Free Documentation License) and can be distributed or packed according to it. Articles can be edited by everyone, thus any participant has on the right on the individual control over one article.
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