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 Kazimov , T.H. Information identification system for identifying people by portrait photos / T.H. Kazimov , S.J. Mahmudova // The Second International Conference “Problems of Cybernetics and Informatics” PCI. - Baku, 2008 . - P. 204-207.
 Manifold resources of human brain including 10-12 billion neurons are used for identification of peoples’ faces (objects, signals, situations and events). It enables people to identify each other, read printed and handwritten texts with high speed, to drive cars in the street in complicated situations, process parts in assembly lines, decode aero cosmic photos. Choice of features for recognizing a human by his face is based on intuition. In automation of many tasks such as choice of the discriminating feature for recognition it is very difficult to use the factual information.
 Elektron variant
Elektron variant

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