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 Alekberov , R.K. Mobil Cloud Computing: Problems and Solution Way / R.K. Alekberov , O.R. Alekperov // 19th Internationalonference on Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering. - Istanbul, 2023. - P. 89-92.
 Cloud computing systems are a new computing technology that provides solutions to problems requiring large computing and memory resources by using resources distributed over the network. The rapid development of cloud technologies in recent years has encouraged its professional use by individual mobile users, private organizations and public institutions. The rapid increase in the number of mobile users in clouds causes overloading of communication channels, which leads to great delays in the delivery of processed data to the user and difficulties in the efficient use of Internet services. The article analyzes the problems arising in the use of cloud-based mobile cloud computing and their solutions. Besides, this article studies the problems related to different parts of mobile cloud computing. It identifies the criteria hindering the effective use of cloudlet-based mobile cloud computing (MCC) services in wireless urban networks. A strategy for solving these problems is developed. To implement the proposed strategy, it is recommended to use cloudlets with a hierarchical structure in mobile cloud computing systems.
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