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 Alekberov , R.K. Fog Computing Application in Oil And Gas Industry and Analysis of Cybersecurity Problems / R.K. Alekberov , M.A. Hashimov // Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Control and Optimization with Industrial Application. - Bakı, 2022. - P. 63-65.
 The article discusses the application of fog computing technology in the oil and gas industry. Some of the features and advantages of fog computing technology over cloud technology are shown. Compared to cloud technology, fog is based on the computing power of distributed nodes in order to reduce the overall load of the data center. Since the nodes generating the data are distributed, centralized control over them becomes complicated. Currently, the Fog Platform is a cybercrime hotspot, primarily due to the lack of centralized management and poorly protected peripheral nodes Therefore, security issues in FC technology are more complicated. To this end, the article analyzes potential cybersecurity threats in the fog computing network and shows some countermeasures to protect against cyber attacks.
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