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 Alekberov , R.K. Security Issues of Cloud-Based SCADA Systems / R.K. Alekberov , M.A. Hashimov // Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Protection via Reflection of Industrial Control Systems, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series D: Information and Communication Security. - Amsterdam, 2022. - P. 1-8.
 In order to solve the problem posed in the article, the characteristics of Industry 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution) are considered. In addition, the possibility of threats to the data security of an electronic demographic (e-demographic) decision support system (DSS) from intruders in the context of Industry 4.0 is considered, due to the attack risks for them is very high. It is found out that the damage to these data will affect the decision-making in the field of demography, and, consequently, on the course of demographic processes in the region. Solution ways of arisen problems are indicated.
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