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 Alekberov , R.K. Cloudlet Selection Strategy According to the Types of Applications in Cloud Networks / R.K. Alekberov // 5th International Conference on Computing and Informatics (ICCI’2022). - Newcairo, 2022. - P. 200-203.
 The selection of the most suitable cloudlet that allows running users applications rapidly in the cloud is still an urgent problem. For the elimination of resource shortages, power consumption, and delays in communication channels on mobile devices, the remote cloud servers are placed adjacent to devices. The delays on communication channels and power consumption on mobile devices are reduced through cloud-based mobile computing. In the paper we propose a strategy for selecting a cloudlet with high computing productivity, which provides a fast solution, considering the complexity degree of the application (file type). Also, in the paper, the solution of the task in a cloudlet close to the user, the downloading of the task to the cloudlet, the sending of the outcome to the user, and the minimization of network interruptions are presented.
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