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 Mamedova , M.H. Fuzzy Decision-Making Support Methods for the Selection of IT-Professionals / M.H. Mamedova , Z.G. Jabrayilova , F.R. Mammadzada // International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology (IJEIT). - Minsk, 2014. - P. 169-175.
 Article describes properties of the task of employment for IT field and problem is reduced to multicriteria task of decision making, functioning in a fuzzy environment. We propose criteria estimation method allowing regulation and selection of the best alternative according to the scenario appropriate to the requirements of the decision making person. Methods for initial data processing for this task realization are set forth. Algorithm for the solution of employment task of IT-specialty personnel is described according to the suggested methodology. For realization of abovementioned task on the basis of fuzzy logic methods we propose methods of expert knowledge processing of the importance criteria and their characterizing factors, finding of importance factor and determining if applied expressions are controversial or not . The application of described methods was considered on the IT-specialty employment problems realized in the Institute of Information Technologies of ANAS.
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