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 Kazimov , T.H. Research normal distribution, the trust interval and calculation of importance degree of geometrical characteristics a human face on the basis of photo portraits / T.H. Kazimov , S.J. Mahmudova // Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology. - Lasvegasnevada, 2013. - P. 478-486.
 In article algorithm of automatic identification of persons on the basis of their photographs are considered. For identification of persons, the comparative analysis of control systems by bases of images created in the different periods is carried out and their applied possibilities are shown. The questions of definition of anthropometrical points of the person calculation of values of geometrical haracteristics and their confidential intervals, algorithm of automatic addition of geometrical characteristics in a database and some other questions connected with them are described. To determine trust interval using Student method, first of all, subordination of the law of normal distribution of selection consisting of eometrical characteristics was investigated. The paper offers a new algorithm to find coefficients which determine importance degree of the values of geometrical characteristics used to identify a human face on the basis of photo portraits.
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