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 Mahmudova , S.J. Development of a method for increasing the reliability of distributed software systems on cloud systems platform / S.J. Mahmudova // International Journal of Cloud Computing and Database Management. - 2023. - N: 4(1). - P. 1-8..
 Cloud computing allows users to store and manage data efficiently. This research aims to develop a method for creating of distributed software systems on the platform of cloud systems and improving their reliability. The use of cloud computing in the construction of the software system can reduce expenses, minimize the cost of data storage, etc. The modern development of the world economy is accompanied by the wide application of information systems, among which cloud technologies have a special place. For this, cloud computing, their features and services are investigated, related works and the most common cloud computing models and cloud databases are studied. Digital twin technologies, their types, etc. are studied to increase the software system performance in cloud computing, forecasting, onitoring, and to reduce production time. Reliability criteria for software systems in cloud computing are selected. The calculations based on the obtained scientific results perform promising results.
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