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 Alekberov , R.K. Security issues and solution mechanisms in cloud computing systems: a review / R.K. Alekberov // Problems of Information Technology. - 2023. - N: 2. - P. 12-22.
 The recent rapid development of cloud technologies has encouraged its widespread use by individual mobile users, private organizations and public institutions. Mobile users and organizations deploy their data on cloud servers and use it. Connections to cloud servers are realized over the Internet, which makes data transmitted over the network vulnerable to various types of attacks. Although numerous security solutions have been proposed for data security in cloud computing systems, the security of provided services remains an actual problem for both cloud users and cloud service providers. The article provides a general survey of security and privacy issues in cloud computing systems, and reviews various types of attacks and possible threats, as well as protection methods and available solutions against such attacks, and proposes mechanisms.
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