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 Alekberov , R.K. Fog computing technology application in cyber-physical systems and analysis of cybersecurity problems / R.K. Alekberov , M.A. Hashimov // Problems of Information Society. - 2022. - N: 2. - P. 23-29.
 New requirements for modern technologies have become a driving force in the development of information technology. New distributed computing systems are required to handle a large data flow generated by the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) and to ensure their efficient processing. Although cloud computing is an effective technology for processing and storing data generated in a networked environment, it has complications with the real time transmission of large amounts of data due to the low bandwidth of network. To speed up the data processing, fog computing systems have been widely used in recent years. Fog counting systems are one of the proposed solutions for working with IoT devices. Because it can meet the computing needs of multiple devices connected to the network. In these systems, the data is processed at computing nodes located near the data generating devices, which reduces the bandwidth complications of the network channel. In this regard, this article considers the application of fog computing technology in cyber-physical systems. It analyzes the fog technology architecture and its advantages over cloud computing. Cyber security problems arising when using fog technology in cyber-physical systems are analyzed and available protection methods partially solving them are highlighted.
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