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 Mahmudova , S.J. Automatic generation of test cases for error detection using the extended Imperialist Competitive Algorithm / S.J. Mahmudova // Problems of Information Society. - 2022. - N: 2. - P. 46-54.
 As computing technology progresses, computer systems and their activity domain are becoming widespread, and software projects are becoming complicated in the current society. Software testing is time-consuming and expensive. It aims at validating software functional and nonfunctional requirements, including software performance. During the test stages, first, it is specified whether software elements perform their tasks accurately and create correct output. While in software testing at the program code level, we can text all circles and lines of program and conditional parts of the program while there needs data in these tests which can test all these cases and cold pass the program lines with the most coating that is one of the most challenging problems in this type of software tests. Therefore, Imperialist Competitive Algorithm, an advanced algorithm, is considered for producing optimal test data for finding errors in programs. Practical results and evaluating the proposed method with other methods indicate the presented algorithm"s excellence.
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