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 Aliguliyev , R.M. An Architecture for Big IoT Data Analytics in the Oil and Gas Industry / R.M. Aliguliyev , R.K. Alekberov , S.F. Tahirzada // International Journal of Hyperconnectivity and the Internet of Things. - 2020. - N: Volume 4,Issue 2 .- P. 25-37.
 The application ofthe fast-growing information and communicationstechnologies(ICT)in the industry has led to an increase in the quality of industrial processes. Through the application of Internet of Things (IoT) considered as a new technological concept in the oil and gas industry, it is possible to provide a high level of security by detecting previously the errors, the faults in real-time, to minimize the costs of production processessuch as exploration,search, monitoring in the oil industry, to achieve the optimization of the activity to ensure highly productive performance. The application of IoT in the industry can lead to collect an exponential volume of data and, consequently, to some challenges in the analysis phase. Taking these into account, the article deals with the research on IoT technologies and the application of industrial processes to improve the quality of production processes in the oil and gas industry. In this paper, multi-layered analysis architecture for processing big data in the oil & gas industry is proposed
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