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 Mahmudova , S.J. Development of an algorithm using the AHP method for selecting software according to its functionality / S.J. Mahmudova , Z.G. Jabrayilova // Soft Computing. - 2020. - N: 04 April . - P. 8495–8502.
 The article develops an algorithm by using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method to evaluate the functionality of software. Software functionality is the capacity to perform a number of software product functions. In other words, the software functionality means the ability of software product to perform a number of functions. AHP is a structured technique of unified decision making. It does not answer the question of what is right or wrong, but enables a decision maker to evaluate which of the options he/she chooses complies with his/her needs and to comprehend the problem. Two options are considered here. The first option fulfills the pairwise comparison using three functionality criteria and three functionality alternatives to determine which criterion is superior. Assume that there are three criteria: correctness, compatibility, and accuracy. It is necessary to determine which criterion is most important through pairwise comparison. The second option uses five software, five functionality criteria, and five functionality alternatives. Here, superior criterion and best software are identified. This work is one of the first articles implementing the pairwise comparison and evaluation of software functionality for five criteria and five alternatives through AHP. It will enable the program to work correctly and accurately. This is proven by the experience and results obtained. In all other studies, a maximum of three software functionality criteria have been used so far.
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