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 Mahmudova , S.J. Application of the TOPSİS method to improve software efficiency and to optimize its management / S.J. Mahmudova // Soft Computing. - 2020. - N: Volume 24, Issue 1. - P. 697–708.
 Technique for Order of Prevention by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSİS) method is used for decision-making to improve software efficiency and to optimize its management by using methodological approaches. TOPSIS method is a multi-criteria decision-making analysis method. TOPSIS identifies the best alternative variant based on compromise solution. The basic concept of the TOPSIS method is that the chosen alternate variant has to be at the shortest Euclidean distance from the positive ideal solution and at the farthest Euclidean distance from the negative ideal solution. Criteria and alternatives for software are identified. Two or three of software features from other studies are used. Based on international experience, practically, only few characteristics of software efficiency have been used in the articles so far, but not all eight characteristics. Eight attributes of software efficiency are used, which distinguish this study from others. The values of the worst and best alternatives are found in multi-criterion decision-making by using the estimations of four expert programmers. The software currently run in three systems was used in experiments. The skills of the experts are also taken into account for finding the values. The results of the experiments are estimated to be good.
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