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 Mamedova , M.H. Fuzzy multi-criteria method to support group decision making in human resource management / M.H. Mamedova , Z.G. Jabrayilova // Recent Developments and the New Direction in Soft-Computing Foundations and Applications . - 2018. - N: volume 361. - P. 209-222.
 The objective of this research is to develop a methodological approach to the making managerial decisions in HRM tasks, which have such specific features as multi-objectivity and heterogeneity of data, the hierarchal, quantitative, and qualitative nature of criteria, their ambiguity, the need for considering the expert evaluation of their weight, and the influence of the experts’ competence on the made decision. To ensure the adaptability of multi-criteria decision-making in HRM a modified TOPSIS method is proposed. Introducing additional components into the decision-making algorithm, this modification excludes the hierarchal structure of criteria and takes into account the competence of experts. The method is tested on the employment case study.
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