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 Hajirahimova , M.S. Current approaches in prediction of PVT properties of reservoir oils / M.S. Hajirahimova , A.S. Aliyeva // Review of Information Engineering and Applications. - 2018. - N: 2. Vol.5 . - P. 31-40.
 PVT (pressure-volume-temperature) properties of reservoir fluids in the oil and gas industry constitute an integral part of the required data for a thorough study of the reservoir, optimally compilation of oil production and operation schemes. In the absence of PVT data that measured in laboratory conditions, empirical correlation is used to evaluate these properties. These correlations cannot be applied universally due to the differences of crude oil composition, the working condition of geographical and oil environment. In the article widespread correlations and models was investigated in the field of prediction of PVT properties of reservoir oil from different regions. Their accuracy and productivity was thoroughly analyzed too.
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