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 Hajirahimova , M.S. About Big Data measurement methodoligies and indicators / M.S. Hajirahimova , A.S. Aliyeva // İnternationa Journal of Modern Education and Science (IJMECS). - 2017. - N: 10, Vol 9. - P. 1-9.
 The digitization of nearly all media and the increasing migration of social and economic activities to the İnternet, the development of social networking technologies, the İnternet of Things and cloud computing caused rapid increase in the volume of data and the formation of Big Data paradigm. Big Data involves technologies and tools for collecting, processing, analyzing and extracting useful knowledge from structured and unstructured data of large volumes generated at high speed by different sources. Increasing the volume, speed, diversity and value of Big Data began to play an important role in the creation of social relationships, competitive advantage and innovative fields. The development of the information society, the formation of digital economy, and the application of Big Data technologies in different spheres of human activity required the quantitative and qualitative assessment of Big Data. In this article some approaches relate to the definition of Big Data have been reviewed. Methodological approaches and indicators for measuring Big Data have been researched. At the end, the indicators have been proposed for the measurement of factors that affected the growth and development of Big Data.
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