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 Mahmudova , S.J. Application Opportunities of Biometric Technology in Electron Libraries / S.J. Mahmudova // Communications. - 2016. - N: 4(2). - P. 8-11.
 The paper provides information about biometric technologies, traditional and electronic libraries. Opportunities and prospects of the use of biometric technologies in libraries are analyzed. When using traditional methods data loss or theft may occur, whereas emergence of such threats is not possible in biometric identification/ Application of biometric identification systems is very vital in some certain applied areas such as border stations, passenger registration, electronic identification document and cards control, and in some security issues. Library is one of these application areas. Technology is rapidly developing, at the same time, safety rules are violated, and fraud is growing all over the world. Therefore, all businesses, as well as libraries need for biometric technologies for the control and security. Advantages and disadvantages of introduction of biometric technologies in libraries are explained
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