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 Jabrayilova , Z.G. Fuzzy AHp and Topsis Techniques for Employee Recruitment / Z.G. Jabrayilova , S.M. Nobari // Advances in Environmental Biology. - 2014. - N: 8(19). - P. 363-375.
 Today, human resources are one of the important assets of any companies. The main goal of organizations is to seek more powerful ways to determine the priority of personnel who applied for a job. This study is intended to improve employee recruitment process by development of a fuzzy rule based Decision support system. This fuzzy decision support system (FDSS) is applied to evaluate the best employees by qualitative criteria. Most recruitment criteria are qualitative linguistic variables, thus we applied fuzzy logic to convert linguistic variable to a fuzzy number. We design a fuzzy rule based decision support system by Matlab (Matrix Laboratory) software. The obtained result by FDSS is compared with a result of fuzzy Toppsis method (fuzzy MCDM Method) to confirm the reliability and validity of FDSS.
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