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 Alguliyev , R.M. İmpact factor weighted by 5-year impact factor / R.M. Alguliyev , R.M. Aliguliyev , N.T. Ismailova // İnformasiya Texnologiyaları Problemləri. - 2015. - N: 2.- P. 31-40.
 Impact factor is the most used indicator for journals ranking defined by citations frequency. Impact factor is the ratio of the number of citations in the current year to papers published in the previous two years to the number of substantive articles published within the same two years. In impact factor’s calculation a number of all citations to journal, regardless of the prestige of cited journals, scientific units (paper, researcher, journal or scientific organization) is used, however, citations by journals with high impact factor or researchers with high Hirsch index are more important than citations by journals without impact factor or unknown researcher. In this paper we propose impact factor weighted by citing journals’ 5-year impact factors for getting more accurate rankings for journals, which consider not only quantity of citations, but also quality of citing journals.
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